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ComplianceCommSM Toolkits

ComplianceComm (SM) Toolkits give you valuable, effective methods of reinforcing AML Compliance Training so that the key messages and concepts stay with your frontline personnel between your formal training sessions. Keep compliance issues fresh in their mind and keep your regulators happy.

There is a ComplianceComm (SM) Toolkit perfectly suited for any size training support budget. In addition, Custom Toolkits are available to meet your specific AML training support needs. All materials are developed for Web and Internet use. Print quality versions of SARSnStrips (SM) are available on request.

Individual Cartoons  |  Annual Silver Toolkit  |  Annual Gold Toolkit  |  Custom Toolkit

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Any one (1) SARSnStrips (SM) Cartoon


$75 for a one time use – lasting up to thirty days from the day of first use
$200 for multiple uses – up to 12 months from day of first use


Price:  $1000


Price:  $1750


The Annual Gold Toolkit plus:

Price:  $2500- $5000 (final price based on web-ready video specifications and needs)

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