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Humor Aids Retention

Short, humorous, easy to understand messages remain in the memory long after most training messages have faded. Everybody will stop and read a cartoon or watch a short, entertaining video. They will also read something if they can quickly understand it and it might make them chuckle.

Humorous cartoons and videos are great ways to teach because they let us laugh at things that would be no laughing matter in real life. They help people remember the potential consequences of their actions in a safe and non-threatening format. They help us laugh at ourselves and say "I won’t let that happen to me." Most important, they are easily remembered and the lessons they teach are deeply imbedded.

Why use SARSnStrips(SM) Cartoons

Can your organization afford a regulatory action?

The cost for BSA and related violations goes far beyond regulator fines. There is a significant negative effect on a financial institution’s reputation, image and legacy that can lead to lost business and confidence.

Anti-money laundering is an important responsibility for bank employees and managers, but it is one of many. SARSnStrips (SM) helps keep AML compliance activities and responsibilities in people’s minds.

Training is expensive and time consuming. The greatest training challenge is ensuring that employees retain the key lessons. SARSnStrips (SM) helps reinforce that retention.



Sample Cartoons

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