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The Compliance Officer Water Cooler

Welcome to the ComplianceComm Blog. The general topic of conversation here will be about the task of staying in compliance with U.S. and international rules and regulations governing anti-money laundering. Specifically, we’re going to explore the communications and training aspects of this task. I’m especially interested in discussing how to keep AML issues and procedures solidly in the minds of front-line personnel and middle management. Of course, we’re also going to look at the realities of tight budgets, limited resources, market pressure and upper management influences. All of these play critical roles in running a successful bank or MSB while not having your head handed to you by FinCEN or other regulatory agencies. My hope is that we get a lot of input from Compliance Officers that will be useful in helping others train and communicate AML compliance policies and procedures.

So what do I bring to the table? My background is communications – PR, marketing, internal communications and a smattering of training. However, I have been working in the Bank Secrecy Act compliance/AML field for over 10 years providing award-winning (ç shameless plug) training and communication materials. In addition, I studied my @## off and earned my CAMS designation. My guess is that there are few out there that can offer my level of combined knowledge and experience in internal communications and AML program development and implementation. I am hoping that I can add some value to your AML efforts, not only with the services and tools I offer on this web site, but also with my posts and comments. I do promise to keep any blatant sales and marketing out of my blog entries. In fact, I sincerely hope that what appears in this blog can help someone, somewhere in meeting their AML challenges. And frankly, I hope to learn a lot here as well.

That said, I invite you to subscribe and participate in this blog. By exploring and analyzing the communications and training challenges of AML/compliance responsibilities, perhaps we can put even more of a dent into the bad guys’ money laundering activities.

Are you a compliance officer by choice or by random assignment?